Verónica Artola Jarrín
General Manager of the Central Bank of Ecuador

Verónica Artola is an Economist with a degree in Economics at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador and holds a master's degree in Applied Economics from the Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona.
Ms. Artola has extensive experience in public management, economic policy, planning, monitoring and evaluation. Ms. Artola attended several courses, in particular related in theory and monetary policy, public economics and regulation.
As professional experience, Ms. Artola has served as  Deputy Secretary - General  and, Deputy Secretary for Monitoring and Evaluation at the National Secretary for Planning and Development – Senplades, Secretary of the National Planning Council; Intendant of Control of Concentrations in the Superintendence of Control of Market Power. She has held important positions at the Central Bank of Ecuador such as Advisor to the President of the Board of Directors, Advisor to the General Manager, Director of International Banking Services and Deputy Manager of Monetary and Financial Programming and Regulation.
Ms. Artola is a lecturer in the Faculty of Economics of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador since September 2010.

Janeth Oliva Maldonado Román
Deputy Manager of the Central Bank of Ecuador

Janeth Maldonado is a System and Computing Engineer with a Master's Degree in Business Finance from Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas. She has specialized studies in Corporate Finance at the University of Palermo-Argentina, Capital Market Development, Advanced Regulation and Risk Management at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, Operational Risk in Central Banking at the Center for Latin American Monetary Studies- CEMLA and Payment Systems And Settlement of Securities in the Bank of Spain.

Ms. Maldonado has extensive experience in the Central Bank of Ecuador, serving as Deputy Manager of Services, National Director of Operational Risks, Director of Risks, Director of the Centralized Deposit of Securities and Information Security Officer. She has also been delegated by the General Management as representative of the Clearing and Settlement Deposit of the Central Bank of Ecuador to the ACSDA (Americas' Central Securities Depositories Association) and delegate of the General Management as institutional counterpart of the Central Bank of Ecuador to the CAF (Andean Development Corporation – Development Bank of Latin America) for The Ecuadorian Stock Market Strengthening Project.

Among her main achievements are the successful development of the Centralized Deposit Clearing and Settlement Project, contributing largely to the strengthening of the Ecuadorian Securities Market and promoting the dematerialization of securities, mainly in the public sector.


Katiuvshka Yánez Segovia
Deputy Manager of Programming and Monetary Financial Regulation


Mrs Yánez’ professional course has been mostly carried out at the Central Bank of Ecuador (CBE), as career civil servant. Within the CBE, she has been Director of Macroeconomic Programming and Director of Analyis and Juncture Economic Policy. She has also acted as CBE’s official delegate to the Andean Commuity (CAN) and the Foreign Trade and Investment Council (COMEXI) at the First Exam of Ecuador’s Trade Policies carried out by the World Trade Organization and to mulitlateral credit organisms.

During her transit in the Ministry of Coordination of Economic Policy, she was Director, Adviser and later Undersecretary of Macroecomic Consistency. She was also the official representative of that institution to the WTO Balance of Payments Restriction Comittee in the framework of negotiations. She was also delegate to the evaluation and follow-up of the implementation of safeguard measures to the WTO and the CAN.

Mrs Yánez holds a masters degree in Economics from the University of Macroeconomic Studies of Argentina (CEMA) and has completed several courses mostly focused on Finances, Trade and Exchange Policy, Programming and Financial Policies, Macroeconomics, Balance of Payments, among others.

She has been co-author of papers published in specialized magazines with the following topics: “Determinants for non-tradicitional exports in Ecuador: 1976-1995” and “Determinants for imports in Ecuador: 1982.I-1998.II”.

John Arroyo Jácome
Deputy Manager of Services


Commercial Engineer graduated at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. Holds a Masters Degree in Finances from the ITAM institute (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México).

Mr. Arroyo has broad experience in public management, finances, popular economy and solidarity, economic policy, control and supervisión processes, banking operations, risk measurements, payment systems and law.

Over the course of his working experience he has held positions such as Intendant for Building and Control Mechanisms, Risks Intendant, Advisor of the General Technical Intendant in the Superintendance for Popular Economy and Solidarity. He was also Director for National Banking Services, Investements Director, Banking General Director, Risks Director, among others, in the Central Bank of Ecuador.

He is currently the Deputy Manager of Services in office.

Marcelo Arroyo Tello
Deputy Manager of Operations


Economist, graduated in the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE) with a Mention in Public Policy. He completed his postgradute studies in Spain, where he obtained a Masters Degree in Applied Economic Analysis with a Mention in Public Economy at the Univerisy of Alcalá University (UAH) and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM); he also holds a specialization degree in Finances from Simon Bolivar Andean Univerity (UASB).

In the Central Bank of Ecuador, Mr Arroyo has been apointed National Director of Systemic Risk, and Economist Consultant at the National Direction of Programming and Monetary Financial Regualtion.

His working experience has focused on public economy, carried out mainly in financial institutions like the Central Bank of Ecuador (CBE) and the National Finantial Corporation (CFN). His background also highlights his rol as General Coordinator of the Cuestiones Económicas Magazine of the Central Bank of Ecuador in 2015 and 2016 where he promoted the relaunch of the magazine, unpublished until that time for eight years.

He is also co-author of the academic paper: “Cash demand determinants in Ecuador: a microecomic perspective”. He has also completed several courses both in Ecuador and abroad, where the following topics stand out: Interaction between monetary and fiscal policy, in CEMLA; and, macroeconomic politics and analysis for capital flow management at the IMF.

He is currently the Deputy Manager of Operations at the Central Bank of Ecuador.